Netflix Launches New ‘Transfer Profile’ Feature

Netflix Profile Transfer

Today, Netflix announced the availability of “Netflix Profile Transfer” a feature that enables users to migrate from one existing account to another without having to rebuild their profile. This stops their personal information from being deleted, including their watching history, list of favorite episodes and movies, personalized suggestions, and other settings that could be frustrating to lose and have to reset.

Netflix probably introduced the new Profile Transfer tool to entice freeloaders to ultimately pay for their own accounts as the streaming service pushes down on account sharing. The service will begin to roll out today, and email notifications will be sent to subscribers everywhere. When it becomes accessible, customers can find the “Profile Transfer” option by going to their profile icon on the Netflix main page.

In the account settings, the “Profile Transfer” option can also be disabled.

“Persons move. Families expand. Relationships break apart. Your Netflix experience should continue to be the same despite these changes in your life, Netflix product manager Timi Kosztin noted in a blog post today. No matter what is happening, let your Netflix profile be a constant in a life that is constantly changing so you can sit back, unwind, and pick up where you left off with your viewing.

The streamer made the announcement after seeing a sharp decline in subscribers that it will test password-sharing services. The streaming service revealed that about 100 million homes have password freeloaders in its Q1 2022 financial report. In Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, Netflix introduced an “extra members” function in March that charges users an additional fee.

The function will be made available to all Netflix subscribers starting on Monday. As soon as the feature is made accessible on user accounts, users will receive an email notification.

Users can select the “Transfer Profile” option from the dropdown menu on the site by hovering over their profile symbol, and then they can proceed by following the on-screen directions.

Additionally, they can always disable Profile Transfer in their account settings. The most recent initiative comes as the video streamer tries to limit account and password sharing while also looking to make money from it. With its subscription base suffering a considerable decline, Netflix has been having trouble. Around 1 million customers were lost in the quarter that ended in June of this year, the largest quarterly loss in the company’s history.

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