How to Join the Metaverse: What it Really is and Meta Companies Embarking

How to Join the Metaverse
How to Join the Metaverse, Image Source

How to Join The Metaverse? Meta is a spatial building. It is a three-dimensional digital space, in contrast with the previous version of the internet which is linear and 2D. But this does not mean that we should necessarily talk about virtual reality since it can also exist on a phone or a computer.

A metaverse is defined as a digital space shared by many users simultaneously, integrating physical reality with virtual reality. In practice, users are able to visit the digital world and be with others, chat, participate in activities, and much more, just like in reality. The difference is that the above happens through an avatar which is handled by the player. Through his avatar, the user will live any experience the digital world in which he is found, has to offer. Users can join various different digital spaces with their friends, simply by sharing a link or sending requests to each other.

What do we mean by referring to Metaverse?

Metaverse is a combination of two ideas, virtual reality, and alternative digital life. The term first appeared in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash in 1992. In that legendary cyberpunk story, a world different from what we perceive as nature was described, and projected. That was done through a network of optical fibers. Every visitor could enter through VR glasses, being prepared for a world where the rules of three dimensions did not apply.

How to enter the metaverse and what can one do in it?

Exactly what he can do on the internet, but with a more immersive experience. He can collaborate with colleagues during work by having business meetings. He can travel to exotic destinations, can play games, and go out with his friends in a virtual bar. As you understand activities have no limits.

Metaverse is not only technology but also art. A new medium. At the beginning of a medium,  some people take advantage of the fact that it is new to the senses, so they reproduce very cheap tricks, which cause awe. In cinema, for example, one of the first films showed a train moving toward the spectators and then running away. We don’t know if this really happened, but it is circulating, probably because some viewers have been telling stories for years about their horror, which created a true memory. What is the famous metaverse – Can it really become a reality?

How to enter the Metaverse
How to enter the Metaverse, Image Source
Metaverse Companies Embarking to the space

“There will be new ways of interacting with devices that will be much more natural than touching the keyboard or pressing a button. You will make gestures or pronounce words. “It will even be enough to think of an action to make it happen,” the founder of the social media giant Facebook says excitedly.

The metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg craves and describes belongs both to science fiction. It is a reality that takes shape very slowly, despite criticism and concern. However, the technological road ahead is still long.

Mark Zuckerberg never had the same vision in mind as Stephenson. However, it is possible that he also read some cyberpunk literature. When it was first officially posted, he described it as: “It’s something you have to experience first to understand it. “But it is not easy, because it does not yet exist in its full form.” In another excerpt from that speech, he described it as an even wider Internet, which essentially “integrates” physical life itself: “You can do anything you do out there. Talk to friends, go shopping, go out for coffee. Do anything you can describe with the words “anything you can imagine”.  Even new things that are not explained by the way we handle computers and cell phones today.

Microsoft Metaverse Crypto Alternative

At the same time, Microsoft is developing a working environment in the metaverse blockchain space. A version of Teams called Mesh is designed to work with a variety of different devices, taking collaboration to other another level. Colleagues can be in the same digital space, even if they are actually at home. Through having a variety of digital tools or digital currency at their disposal, they are able to complete a task, seeing exactly the same things as in real life in this Microsoft Metaverse Crypto world.

VR currency has both positive and negative aspects. “For example, when you wear the helmet, you can lean on something in the digital space, but not on the physical one, and fall or click on something that exists in physical space, but not in digital (…) The most transcendent possibility of the medium is to violate space-time. To be in ancient Athens, for example, and to live everyday life and become obsessed with it… (Who wouldn’t love living in Ancient Athens?)

Does it really matter if Metaverse is decentralized?

One of the big open discussions about metaverse has to do with whether it will be centrally controlled or decentralized and whether it needs to be regulated. Everything that is not regulated, collapses. On the other hand, anything that self-regulates ends up being an ecological system, a jungle of balances. The regulation enables us to move within a socially acceptable framework. There are various factors that need to be brought into dialogue, in order to create the framework for all its applications (metaverse) in human activity, otherwise, things will get difficult. 

The Internet is decentralized anyway, so this whole discussion is a bit out of place. The big question is who has access to the information and what he can do with it (…) Think about both of us wearing AR glasses. Thus, you have the information about who I am and I do not have it for you. Whether the information is centrally controlled or decentralized, what matters is who can access it, and how much that access costs.

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