Enter The Metaverse: Meta Technology Key to Metaverse Gaming

enter the metaverse
Enter The Metaverse

For metaverse to be a truly transformational platform, things need to change on a larger scale. Every virtual metaverse space must present your avatar in the same way. Everyone should be able to buy and pick up items and carry them with them to other places. There should be a single connection when you enter the metaverse, not a different connection process for each business in the virtual world.

The currency you use on the internet should be universally accepted or converted invisibly and automatically. This way you don’t need to go back to the old-fashioned internet to exchange money on a banking website. In order for metaverse to deliver on its promise, every element of it must operate on the basis of a consistent set of protocols – just as all websites today adhere to the protocols that govern the transmission and display of information over the internet. This is how we define “metaverse”.

Meta Technology Key to Metaverse Gaming: The Role of Blockchain

It could integrate blockchain technology as a low-level service to ensure that the emerging reality of consensus is truly decentralized. Without such decentralization, the metaverse is likely to become an incompatible “fenced garden”: you will visit either Google or Apple, or Facebook metaverse. All three companies are pursuing this goal as quickly as possible. Interoperability will require protocols and decentralization that can limit tech companies from making the usual profits. But this interoperability is necessary for the metaverse world to take advantage of its potential.

The blockchain world offers a good solution to personalization and property issues. You could visit a virtual store to customize your avatar or decorate your home in the metaverse. You will need a way to secure ownership of the digital items you purchase. This is why there are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Today’s NFTs could serve as an additional technology to meet certain of its technical needs. While a single, joined and connected metaverse is probably a long way off, we can already see developments that could lead to its creation. It seems to be another case of using science fiction for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Whether we ever really get to the point of a metaverse is not certain, but it is a fact that we can already use and experience metaverse-like projects and continue to integrate blockchain more into our daily lives.

Developments in technologies such as artificial intelligence and the increased ability of cloud servers to run 3D applications and quickly render the files created, contribute to the expansion of the metaverse. But this is open and at an early stage.

gaming metaverse
Gaming Metaverse
Gaming in the Virtual World of Metaverse

Some people also use the word metaverse to describe the world of games. In this world, users have a character that can interact with other players. There is also a specific type of metaverse that uses blockchain technology. In them, users can buy virtual land and other digital assets using cryptocurrencies. Many science fiction books and movies are placed in complete “post-universe” – alternative digital worlds that do not stand out from the real physical world. But this is still a science-fiction scenario in reality. At present, most virtual worlds look more like the inside of a video game than real life.

While technology is still evolving, we can seize the opportunity to explore the best ways to create the right mindset for this new future by understanding the metaverse, as a borderless landscape, where we can discover new forms of social interaction.

Designers are the key player in this new universe. Fashion exists in three different forms: the first is phy-gital, the digital fashion designed to produce natural clothing. The second form is the combination of physical and digital. I.e The use of augmented or virtual reality can wear the digital fashion. And the third is fully digital, that is, an avatar can buy digital fashion. The metaverse deals with the last two forms: physical and digital combined and only digital.

Metaverse world fashion
Fashion Stores combining Digital with Phygital

If we look at the way we approach fashion in the natural world, we understand that it allows us to shape our perceptions of ourselves when we wear clothes, but also to shape the perceptions of others about us. As we move to the metaverse, these features get really enhanced. It does not just ensure that we feel a certain way about ourselves or how others feel about us. It immerses us in this virtual environment and determines the rules of interaction within it.
In this scenario, designers have a unique place in guiding us to express ourselves and allowing us to participate in worlds that would otherwise be unknown. On top of this digital mentality, fashion designers should be able to translate the emotions that arise when researching the zeitgeist and working with natural elements such as fabrics, technical ornaments, etc. This is the connection with the natural. Learning to work with it and combine the real with the unreal is the primary skill that fashion designers need. Having this knowledge it would easier to move into a new digital reality for the future.

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