Dogecoin Price Surges by 40% as Top 10 Cryptos Crash

Dogecoin price surges

Dogecoin price surges: According to a new report, the only two major cryptocurrencies to experience an increase in value between October and November were Dogecoin and Polygon.

According to data from Crypto Presales, just two of the top 10 currencies have maintained their value over the past month, with the majority of coins losing an average of 10% of their value.

Dogecoin arrived in November and had an astounding 40% price increase. But Solana experienced a 56% decline.

Solana’s price drops significantly, and Bitcoin follows.

However, Solana, which according to sources is the world’s 15th most popular cryptocurrency, fell by 56% in October and November. According to CoinMarketCap, this decline makes Solana’s losses the greatest in 2022. Overall, it has decreased by 92%, erasing

Is DOGE really worth the hype even after Musk’s Twitter buyout?

We have little hope for either Twitter or Dogecoin because of overpaying for Twitter, hiring too many bad people, and making poor management choices like the blue check incident. Given Musk‘s fondness for Dogecoin and his recent takeover of Twitter, it makes sense that speculation over the asset’s price will continue to run wild for a while longer.

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