Crowdfunding Investing: A Non-Traditional Method you Should Know About

Crowdfunding Investing

Crowdfunding investing is a method of raising funds through the collective effort of friends, family, clients, and individual investors. This approach is part of the collective effort of a large group of people – mainly through social networks and specialized platforms – utilizing their networks for greater scope and exposure. As a method, is essentially the opposite of the general approach to business finance. Traditionally, if you want to raise capital to start a business or a new product, you will need to get your business plan and then turn to a limited circle of investors. These sources of funding include banks, angel investors, and venture capital firms, significantly limiting your options to just a few key players.

On the other hand, crowdfunding platforms offer you a single platform to build, present, and share your idea with the public, thus smoothing out the traditional model of raising money. Traditionally, you would spend months going through your personal network, looking for potential investors, and spending your time and money to get ahead of them.

With crowdfunding, it is much easier to present your idea to more interested parties and give them more alternatives thus helping them to grow your business, from investing money in exchange for equity or contributing just 10€ in exchange for a product or service. Leveraging a wider group of investors makes fundraising a more flexible choice. So let’s examine the benefits of crowdfunding.

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Some of the key benefits of crowdfunding are:

Access – Using a crowdfunding platform, you have access to thousands of interested investors who can see, interact with and share your fundraising campaign.

PR & Marketing – From start to finish, you can share and promote your campaign through social media, email newsletters, and other online marketing tactics. You can also increase traffic by organizing events, and meetings and presenting your ideas to the press.

Presentation – By creating a crowdfunding campaign, you go through the invaluable process of examining your business from the initial stage – its history, idea conception, competitive advantage, team building, and others – and complete it with an understandable and accessible presentation to the public.

Effectiveness – One of the best things about crowdfunding is its ability to raise and facilitate your fundraising efforts. By creating a single, comprehensive profile, you can attract all potential investors and channel the necessary information. So instead of trying too hard to print documents, and update each one individually, you can present everything online in a much more accessible form, leaving you more time to run your business.

Validation of the idea – Presenting your idea or business to the general public offers a great opportunity to validate and improve your business idea. As potential investors begin to show interest and ask questions, you will quickly see if there is something missing that would make them more positive about financing your campaign.

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